Dancetime Studio, Inc.
1) What should I wear to dance class?
Wear whatever is comfortable to you.  You do not need to dress up to attend
class.  On occasion, we have a dance that is semi formal, but we will let you know
the dress code for these events as they happen.

2) What about shoes?
It's important to wear a smoothed soled shoe that is comfortable and one that will
stay on your feet.  There are special dance shoes, but if you are just beginning,
they are not necessary.  Once you know you are going to continue your lessons,
then dance shoes are definitely recommended.

3) How long does it take to learn how to dance?
Each person is different.  Each person's ability to feel the music, as well as
physical ability have an effect on learning to dance.  Everyone can learn, but the
time it takes may vary from one person to another.  The most important factors
are desire and perseverance.  

4) What is the difference between group classes and private
If you seriously want to become a good dancer, private lessons are necessary.  
You will receive the undivided attention of a professional instructor one on one
to maximize you abilities at your pace while learning the dances that interest you
most.  You will achieve style and proper technique, making you an outstanding

5) What about group classes?
Group classes are good to learn basic dance figures and to dance with a variety
of partners to improve your lead and follow skills.  The more times you attend
lessons, the better your dancing will become.  Practice is important.  This also
gives you a chance to meet other students and socialize as well.

6) Why do you offer dance parties?
It is very important to attend dance parties.  This is your practice time.  It's your
chance to meet a number of other people, like you, who want to learn to dance.  
You also learn how to move around the dance floor with ease when there are a
number of people on the floor.

7) How many lessons a week should I take?
As a new student, the more the better (at least 3 times a week).  You may
combine private (2 per week) plus group lessons and dance parties to maximize
your learning progress.

8) How long do I need to take lessons?
Many people find so much joy in dancing that they continue indefinitely the same
as many enjoy golf or tennis or any other sport.  Dancing offers many health
benefits.  It's a great stress reliever, it's fun, and a great way to meet nice people.
 Try it.  It will definitely change your life!
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